Using a CRM to Connect Your Marketing Dots [Video]

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I recently had the opportunity to appear on the Plus Your Business show, hosted by Google+ expert Martin Shervington to talk about the importance of small business marketing and technology tools that every small business can use, specifically CRM systems.

During the fun-filled and informative 30-minute conversation, Martin and I covered many topics relevant to today’s small business, but most importantly who crucial it is for them to ‘connect the dots’ in their marketing – or in other words the process of guiding the user through the online journey of becoming a website visitor to becoming a customer to becoming a lifetime user and advocate.

We also talked about the importance of personalization in today’s marketing and how a good CRM system can help even the smallest of businesses level the playing field and advantage that many big businesses, like Amazon, have. While big companies have bigger budgets and more access to platforms that allow custom personalization, small businesses have options as well. Infusionsoft, along with other CRM products designed for small business, allow automation and personalization for businesses to help drive people from interest to the ‘sale’ and then to turn them into a life long customer that refers business to you. If used correctly, and often with the help of consultants, small businesses can level the playing field by embracing and utilizing the technology to it’s full capability.

I also shared with Martin two of the coolest things I’ve seen happening in small business lately, including a cool new tool for designing graphics called Canva. Check out the full interview here:

As part of the conversation, Martin shares the following five Plus Your Business Academy tips:

  1. Are you looking outwards? Are you focused on sharing other peoples content? Reach out, share and start to build relationships!
  2. Do you have a ‘why’? Why do you do what you do? What’s the purpose of your actions. Make sure you know exactly what you’why’ is!
  3. Are you making cross platform connections? By following and engaging with people on multiple platforms you increase the complexity of the relationship. It’s a powerful way of embedding the relationship in someones mind.
  4. Do you have daily / weekly processes in place? This includes a newsletter, blog posts, email messages. Are you doing the work needed to be relevant in in front of people? And, are you constantly evaluating the effectiveness of your efforts.
  5. Who will you help next? Being a part of the community includes reaching out to help others.

This was a great interview jam packed with great tips and strategies for small business. Let me know in the comments below if you are using a CRM, what the biggest advantage you’ve experienced using one and your biggest tip for other small businesses moving into a CRM.


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