Amazon Prime Day – Lessons for Small Business Owners

Amazon Prime DayOn July 15, 2015 we added a new shopping event to our list of “holidays” – Amazon Prime Day. The event was officially announced on July 6 and pegged as a summer Black Friday that would have thousands of amazing deals exclusively for Prime members. The hype was huge and Amazon added to the anticipation with tons of advertisements and even a countdown on their website. When the clock struck midnight on July 15, the event kicked off.

And fizzled out right away, for some. The disappointed shoppers then took to social media, lighting up sites like Twitter with hashtags that included #UnhappyPrimeDay, #AmazonFail, #gobacktosleep, and #PrimeDayFail. They were upset with the selection of offers, the low number of electronics deals, and the fact that many items were sold out in seconds.

But just like any good Hollywood plot, there is a twist. July 16th came around and despite the smoke and flames on social media, Amazon announced that Prime Day was even bigger than Black Friday itself. In a press release they spouted out statistics:

  • 18% more orders than Black Friday 2014.
  • 266% order growth over the same day last year.
  • Sellers who use ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’ saw nearly 300% growth in sales.
  • “More new members tried Prime worldwide than any single day in Amazon history.”

Despite the negative reactions, it seems that Amazon Prime Day was a huge success.

What Small Business Owners Can Learn From Amazon Prime Day

Every small business owner dreams of numbers like the ones Amazon posted on July 16th – but they also fear the backlash from unhappy customers that occurred on July 15th. Is there any way we can learn from this event so small business owners can replicate the success without all the complaints?

That is the topic of Ramon Ray’s recent article on Endicia’s The Savvy Shipper blog. In this article Ramon analyzes Amazon Prime Day to give tips on how small business owners can best manage events, advertising, and customer relations during their own promotions. Learning from the good and bad of Amazon Prime Day is crucial if you too want happy customers and more sales. Get all of Ramon’s Amazon Prime Day lessons by reading his blog post, “What Can Small Online Businesses Learn From Amazon Prime Day?

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