Computer Algorithms Prove Personal Relationships Are Best

Marcus Lemonis shows the power of a hand

Computer algorithms are useful – they can help the human mind shift through an infinitely wider amount of data than it normally could. However, algorithms are faulty.

The Wall Street Journal reports that as recently as May various image detection algorithms identified black men as apes and Jewish concentration camps as jungle gyms.

If you’re using resume software to find candidates or other algorithms for other data mining of images, use them very carefully. You could be missing out on a good candidate because the “computer” ditched them.

While you can never get to know everyone, you can make it a point to get to know more people, especially people outside of your core network and regular community. Discipline yourself to attend events, shake hands, call people – get to know new people and your community will grow.

Billionaire Marcus Lemonis shows us all the power of a firm handshake and personal relationships.

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