Customer Service. It’s Too Important To Just Use Twitter To Help Customers.

customerservice12Twitter is an awesome tool for customer service – I use it all the time to cut through “on hold” support and get something solved.

Someone was telling me how awesome their experience was in getting help, through Twitter, from UPS’ customer service

However, don’t forget your customer set who wants to call you, email you, fill out a form online.

While there are MANY users who complain, or praise or otherwise will reach out to you via Twitter, there’s many who won’t.

If you’re pushing and placing all of your investments in customer service more and more towards social media, without first measuring what your customers want, it won’t work.

Analyze your customer customer service metrics. Poll your customers to find out what they like. Monitor your social feeds to see what your social customer service looks like. Then SLOWLY expand and evolve your customer service.

Wired writes, “But Twitter doesn’t stand a chance at becoming the primary channel for customer service until it appeals to a broader audience. In the company’s Tuesday earnings call, company CFO Anthony Noto said Twitter has failed to expand beyond its early adopters, and it’s unlikely to reach the mass market for a long time. It’s not clear why businesses would get serious about doubling down investments in customer service tools that are unlikely to reach all of their customers.”

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