Customer Support: It Starts Before The Customer Calls.

customer support tom

Many times we think of customer support as responding to customer calls.

However, Tom Byun of Live Person, shares with The Ignition Show, that customer support actually starts much earlier.

Ellis Friedman, host of the Ignition Show, writes on the Infusinsoft Blog:

Looking at customer experiences as part of sales and growth strategy is one of the emerging trends Tom has seen, starting at the enterprise level and cascading down to small businesses. While traditionally some think of support as a cost center, in fact it’s an important vehicle to make sure that not only are you closing new sales, but also growing that relationship and growing existing sales.

Instead of spending so much time in trying to GET NEW CUSTOMERS, how about spending more time serving the customers you have and turning them into evangelists for you and your brand.

Check out episode 19 of the Ignition Show below (or here) and read about customer support on the Infusionsoft blog


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