Distracted Driving Is Not Cool. It’s Deadly. #ItCanWait

We’re all busy. We’re all using our phones more than we should. We all txt and walk. However, all of us, no one, should be on the phone (or otherwise distracted) while driving. It’s dangerous to us, to occupants in our cars and everyone else around us.

It can wait. Thanks AT&T


HR Expert David Lewis tells employers:

  • All businesses should have a policy in place whereby it is explicitly stated that employees are to refrain from using their phone while driving. If not part of an overall employee handbook, the policy should be distributed to all employees to be signed and returned to the employer.
  •  A business CAN be liable for an accident that occurs due to distracted driving, even when the device is not one they have provided. As such a policy statement of this nature is paramount.
  • If the acceptance of a call is unavoidable and the employee is able to utilize a hands-free device, policies should state that employees refrain from discussions of complicated or emotional issues while behind the wheel.

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