Employee Productivity Is So Important. Can Technology Help?

Maximizing Employee TimeBoost Company

So you’ve got a 10 person team, or 88 person team – who work for you. How can you maximize what they’re doing? How can you optimize their time. This is NOT implying that they’re playing games or posting to Facebook all day. They could be working very hard – but are they working smart?

The NY Times writes:

Increasingly, bosses have an answer. A new generation of workplace technology is allowing white-collar jobs to be tracked, tweaked and managed in ways that were difficult even a few years ago. Employers of all types — old-line manufacturers, nonprofits, universities, digital start-ups and retailers — are using an increasingly wide range of tools to monitor workers’ efforts, help them focus, cheer them on and just make sure they show up on time.

While I think it’s too much to monitor your employees 24/7 and invade their personal space, I do encourage you to think with your employees what you all can do together to maximize their time and your own time.

Technology can surely help.

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