Get Your Invoices Paid Faster with FundBox – A Financing Company Every Business Should Sign Up For


It’s deliciously awesome to get an invoice. But it’s frustrating to have the invoice take so long to get paid. As small business owners, we try to pay our vendors quickly, but in working with our larger customers, they might take 30 – 60 or more days to pay us!

Fundbox has a neat solution.

There’s many ways to get company financing – you can get a loan from companies such as OnDeck, CAN Capital, Fundera and many others (see the recent Manhattan Chamber event about financing here).

When I first looked at Fundbox, I thought maybe it was too good to be true. In a short time (less than a day) I could sign up with Fundbox and get a pending invoice paid?

I had to try it for myself.

Fundbox integrates directly with a variety of online accounting solutions – such as Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, Harvest and Wave.

Once you connect your accounting solution, which takes seconds, Fundbox alerts you to which invoices it can give you money for – transferred right to your bank account.

The fees are comparable to other financing services – about 5% give or take. You pay back Fundbox in 12 weekly, equal installments. Their fee plus your invoice amount.

There’s no cost to sign up and see which of your invoices for qualifying



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