Google Glasses are Coming Back. The “Work” Edition. 3 Reasons To Get One.

Should Your Business Use Google Glasses-

Google launched it’s first edition of Google Glasses, mainly aimed at consumers, but they could be use for any purpose. This second edition of Google Glasses is aimed at professionals in the work place. Why get one? How could you use one?

  • They’re just nerdy and cool
  • You could use them to let someone remotely view what you see and help you.
  • View maps and other information right in front of you, no phone in hand and glancing down

I’m sure Google Glasses are not for everyone, but hey, if you’re business wants to explore new tools and ways to do things. Check them out.

Google Glasses, Apple Watch – we’re a society of more and more wearable technology.

The Wall Street Journal writes, “Google hopes to skirt privacy issues with the current model, because it will be used mostly in private workplaces. Surgeons used the initial version during procedures, either to get advice from colleagues remotely or to instruct medical students. Field workers tested it while fixing expensive machinery with help from co-workers back at headquarters.”

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