Great Branding. What Everyone Wants, But Does So Wrong.

brand - eric

Many small business owners think of branding as their logo, the color of their web site or other things. Well these things are a PART of branding, but Eric Mason, Director of Communications at Wix said that there’s other things that must be considered, first.

Ellis Friedman, writing in Infusioonsoft’s blog writes this about what Eric said:

Existing customers can be amazing tools. Eric shared some Nielsen numbers that show that 92 percent of people trust earned media or something that’s said from someone else more than any other type of advertising. More than 80 percent of people actually decide on what they’re going to do with their dollars based on what someone says on social media. So these are really powerful data points that really speak to the fact that if you’re going to build your brand, support your customers. Build that relationship with your existing user base. It doesn’t cost you a penny

Branding separates small business owners from those who are merely doing word of mouth and those who are rising above just word of mouth.

Check out the video below or here to see Eric’s tips can help transform your business.


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