Is Your Online Checkout Mobile Friendly? Yahoo Stores Wants to Help.

So often, business owners focus on the desktop experience and ensure that everything looks great on a 21″ monitor. However, things sometimes look pretty bad when your customers are buying on their phones (as most are) and check out.

Typing in their credit card, confirming their purchase and other aspects looks bad – to say the least – on a small smartphone screen.

While Yahoo’s Mobile Checkout feature is only for Yahoo store customers, if you’re not using Yahoo stores, confirm that your ecommerce host offers a mobile friendly check out option.

From Yahoo’s press release:

Business process consistency: Mobile Checkout for the buyer is set to require the same input that web checkout requires, thereby ensuring continuity in merchants business processes. As before, merchants will continue to configure checkout settings (such as choosing to allow annotations for gift packaging, editing or adding checkout field names) in the checkout settings module of the control panel. The structure of checkout on mobile will remain consistent with these settings in terms of number of steps, i.e. single or multi-page web checkouts will translate to single or multi-page mobile checkouts respectively to accommodate the diverse array of merchant requirements that we handle.
Usability: Mobile Checkout allows consumers a clean, intuitive and pleasant experience for all mobile devices. As always we encourage merchants to review both web and mobile checkouts and keep them efficient to improve conversion rates.
Look and Feel: By default, the new Mobile Checkout visual design is consistent with the new mobile store designs to optimize the shopping experience. However, merchants can change this design via cascading style sheet (CSS) updates on the new Mobile Checkout configuration page to reflect their custom designs.
Finally, Merchants who were already using a custom mobile storefront design (and therefore didn’t need the Yahoo provided mobile storefront), should also consider the Mobile Checkout if they do not already have a mobile checkout solution.
Roll out: The Mobile Checkout feature is available now for your store and you can enable it right away. To ensure that merchants who may miss this message are not left behind, Yahoo will automate the activation of the new Mobile Checkout for stores who satisfy the following criteria:
  1. The store is already using the Yahoo provided mobile storefront design
  2. The store does not have any pending checkout settings that are not yet published. Please look for activation dates in your control panel.

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