Learning From Jet’s Sucker Punch: Hire For Attitude, not Aptitude

Hire for Attitude not Aptitude

As you might have heard by now the Jet’s have fired linebacker Ikemefuna Chinedum for punching Jet’s quarter back Geno Smith.

While football is all about “talent” in order to win the game on the field, your business is a bit different.

Instead of hiring FIRST and FOREMOST for the right skill set or high aptitude it’s much better to first hire for character and attitude. Then look for someone who has the right technical skills you need or train them.

Unfortunately, to make money and exceed, sports is mostly what happens “on the field”.

Thankfully for entrepreneurs and small businesses we have a bit more luxury to hire for skill and aptitude – which is so important for our “on field play”.

Rarely is there that rock star sales director, executive assistant, app developer or restaurant hostess who has such an incredible skill set that you can’t find someone else, if the person you want is at the bottom of the barrel for character and attitude.

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