Modern Warehouse Is Changing: Google Glasses Are Coming (and other tech)

What tech can you use in your warehouse










Google Glasses is one of the newest technology used by modern warehouses to make them more efficient writes the Wall Street Journal.

Traditionally warehouses have just been about low wage workers doing manual labor. However, smart companies are providing employees with tools to make them smarter, faster and overall improve efficiency.

“The devices can tell workers the fastest route to find products and can read bar codes, which reduced the time needed to pick out an item and pack it for shipping by 25% in tests at a Dutch warehouse earlier this year, Exel says. The technology has the most application in e-commerce warehouses, where workers might need to find a handful of items out of more than a million individual products, the company said.”

What are ways you can INVEST in technology to improve efficiency’s in your company?

  • Better printers?
  • Better document management?
  • Better inventory management?
  • Better organization of inventory?


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