Netflix Got Rid of Its Servers. When Will You? Cloud Rules. Servers Don’t.

Netflix Got Rid of Servers.When Will You (1)


You’ve heard for many years that servers, on premises are not the way to go. You know it’st true.

Having servers in your office or that you remotely maintain is not necessary.

There’s many companies such as Amazon, Rackspace, Media Temple, Google, Microsoft and many others who can host your data for a fraction of the cost you can host it yourself.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix recently pulled the plug on its last data center. All it’s data is now on the public cloud.

If you’re hanging onto servers in your office or remotely managed it’s time to get rid of them.

Netflix realized that its should be investing money in the next great set of movies it can stream, it’s data on its customers and other things that are its CORE competency.

What’s your core? What do you do best?

Marcus Lemonis gives this wisdom all the time to the companies he invests in. If you’re making ice cream or hand soap, there’s probably a company that can make your same product more efficiently than you can ever do it. Let them do it and you focus on selling the product – not making it (in most cases).

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