Old Miami Auto Repair Business: 4 Things It Changed To Improve

This old auto repair shop did four

Every business can use help to grow their business, A Miami business, started from Cuban immigrants, got some help from the Miami Herald and SCORE. SCORE is a non-profit resource from the federal government which provides free counselling services to millions of small businesses.

SCORE advised AAA Million Auto Parts to do three things.

  • Upgrade their web site
  • Create a business plan. “You can’t be all things to all people,” Mohandas (a SCORE counselor) said. “It’s important for this business to focus on their strengths — unique and antique auto parts for classic cars. That’s what makes them different.”
  • Automate parts of their business.
  • Consider government contracting.

Is your web site old or non existent and in need of a boost?

Are you manually doing things in your business that technology can help you do faster?

Have you evolved with the times and adapted to our faster, digital economy.

Read the full story here.


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