Payroll and Inventory. Xero Updates Two Important Features.

Xero upgrades payroll and inventory

Payroll management is essential so you can not only pay employees but also be in compliance of state and federal laws. Inventory is important so you know what products you have and what products you don’t have.

Xero recently upgraded and updated the payroll and inventory components of its accounting solution.

Xero’s press release reads:

In addition to California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia, Xero now offers payroll solutions in Nevada and Illinois.

Xero Payroll is ideal for business owners who want a simpler, more cost effective way to manage payroll. For more information on Xero’s comprehensive payroll offerings, visit the Xero Payroll resource page.

Xero now offers retailers a new Item Inventory List Report that offers a real-time snapshot allowing users to quickly view the amount and value of their inventory and order new products accordingly. The report also allows users to count inventory, provide an inventory audit trail and reconcile the asset ledger in terms of value at a particular date. The report will include stock that hasn’t moved during the month, the value of each product and the total value of the inventory.

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