Readers Are Blocking and Ignoring Your Ads. What’s the Solution.

Ad-blocking software is causing headaches

The publishing industry (that includes SmallBizTechnology, Smart Hustle and a zillion other publishers like Wired, CNN, and more) are wringing their hands at the amount of ads being blocked by ad blockers. It’s bad enough that advertisements only pull 1% – give or take of click through – but more and more advertisers and publishers must deal with ad blockers.

The Wall Street Journal writes:

But ad-blockers have become a major problem for publishers because most of the free content distributed online is supported by advertising revenue. One recent report suggested the issue will lead to $22 billion in lost revenue this year as one out of three Internet users now employee some software to block ads.

What to do about it?

For small businesses who are in a war to get readers to “click” on an advertisement – what about doing other things? Here’s a few things that can help boost click through rates and things you can do beyond just banner advertisements.

  • Offer a lead magnet. Offer something of value that would entice or that could be an incentive for someone to hear more from you.
  • Consider using engaging video -beyond a boring static banner advertisement
  • What about ditching banner ads altogether and offering up better value added content, Twitter chats, virtual webinars and podcasts. These take more time to develop but you’ll be creating a loyal audience who wants to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Readers Are Blocking and Ignoring Your Ads. What’s the Solution.

  1. jeffsters

    Really? How about we address the reasons why Ad Blockers are all the rage!?!? Because advertisers kept one upping each other to gain attention and instead flooded us with flash videos, malware, cookie tracking, pop-up Windows, fake OS alerts created using JavaScript, and my personal favorite, ads with sound that blares from your speakers at work or in bed waking your significant other. I have ZERO sympathy and yet have no issue with ads that are like magazine ads of yesterday. Now we have “sponsored” links, aka fake news stories, that make it hard to even know what is an ad and what is content. Worse the hosting site will more often than not claim no responsibility for the ads displayed. So the way I see it, if a site doesn’t care enough to know what ads are running on their page, I feel no obligation to care if I see them!


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