UPS Is Getting Ready for the Holidays. Is Your Business Ready?

Who Wants To Think About Holiday

UPS is getting ready for the holiday shopping season, are you. The WSJ journal writes 

UPS is already talking about pricing and the holidays with its customers, Chief Financial Officer Richard Peretz said in an interview, particularly with those who tend to flood the network with unexpected packages.

“It’s about customers that surge, to make sure that we’re appropriately looking at both the compensation that UPS receives against the resources they’re using,” Mr. Peretz said.

Some of those customers send between about 10% and 20% more packages on surge days, while others ship several times their normal average package number, he said. The company is talking with customers about how to better manage those spikes, he said.

What are some things you can do to get ready for the holiday shopping season now?

  • Just think about it – what went right last year? what areas could you have done better?
  • Are your online operations up to snuff – security, speed, mobile
  • What about your retail store inventory? Are you and your suppliers ready?
  • Do you have a staff hiring plan?

These are just a few things.

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