Vertical Response Launches New Email Marketing Feature. Auto Follow Up.

Email marketing- Repeat emails are best,

Don’t you hate it when you email 100 people on your list and only 20 open the email? Often times, assuming all of these individuals have opted into your list, they’re busy and just need to be resent the email one or two times. Sometimes they might even miss the email in the deluge of emails they get every day.

Vertical Response is out to change that. Their press release reads:

“In today’s ‘information overload’ world, it can be challenging to get the attention of your audience when sending a single email,” explained David Shiba, VerticalResponse general manager. “This new feature allows our customers to schedule an automatic follow-up email at the same time they are creating their original campaign. This follow-up email will be sent three or more days later. Our internal statistics show that customers can generate up to 40 percent more opens by re-sending to this non-responder group.”

This new feature allows small businesses to reach more of their audience, which in turn should generate a greater number of opens and clicks for the email campaign. Paying VerticalResponse customers who use this feature can view detailed reporting on the lift in results on the reports page

Marketing automation and repeat touches is important for successful marketing.

Some other options?

Email marketing systems like Vertical Response, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Aweber, Emma or Campaigner,.

CRM system such as Marketo, Hubspot or Infusionsoft.

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