Windows 10 Is Here. Four Things You Need To Know.

Windows 10- Better and Worth the Upgrade

Windows 10 is here – some people (millions of insiders) are using it now , some regular people have it already and others will have it gradually downloaded to their computers over the next few weeks.

Although it’s not a RADICAL upgrade to Windows 8, it is an improvement, with a few key areas you should know about.

New Browser

Windows 10 comes with a new browser, Edge, that lets you more easily annotate web pages and read online content how you want.

Custom Desktops

With Windows 10 you can customize your desktop experience, have up to four apps on the desktop or create virtual desktops to work on projects how you want.


Windows is slated to be more secure, with a new feature, Windows Hello, that recognizes you – no password typing is needed.

These are a few updates in Windows 10. It’s better than Windows 8, so definitely something to consider. But give it a few more weeks until you upgrade, giving a chance for any last minute bugs to be ironed out.

Read all about the upgrade here

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