Accounting and Sales Integration Reduces Stress: Xero and Shopify Partner Up


Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms for small businesses. It’s partnered up with accounting platform Xero to enable Shopify customers to easily manage their sales using Xero.

This sounds simple, but integrating ecommerce and accounting is a BIG time saver for busy business owners.

While the focus here is on Shopify and Xero – the principle of integration should not be lost. If you’re doing double entry on any of your software seek to find ways to integrate one software’s data into the other. You’ll save time, reduce errors and have less stress.

Xero’s press release reads: Until now, Shopify’s merchants had to rely on manually transferring data between front-end and back-end systems. With the new integration between Shopify, the ecommerce platform and Xero’s cloud accounting software, manual processes can now be automated. This solution allows for the transfer of a Shopify merchant’s ecommerce storefront, point of sale, and mobile transactions (including sales, tax, shipping costs and refunds) directly from Shopify to Xero, enabling easy reconciliation with bank statements. This integration will enable retailers to:

Increase efficiency. Quickly import orders from Shopify into Xero as invoices, and have tax rates synced, and sales automatically categorized. Eliminate manual data entry and greatly reduce the risk of error.

Work smarter with an end-to-end solution. With this seamless connection between e-commerce and accounting, a retailer can have real-time visibility into overall business performance, and be empowered to grow.

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