Engagement and Education: Lowe’s Shows What Works Online


We’re all trying to leverage social media to get more sales, build our brands and overall GET ATTENTION in some way, online. Most of us are doing it wrong, some of us are doing it “ok” but no one seems to be doing it as well as Lowe’s is doing it.

Lowe’s is crushing Vine by posting SHORT, INFORMATIVE and ENTERTAINING videos. The videos show their target audience how to do SOMETHING – in a fun and engaging way.

DigiDay writes According to Walters, Lowe’s was quick to act on Pinterest when the platform first rolled out, and that’s since paid off. A 2014 study by Statista ranked Lowe’s as the third-most popular account in Pinterest, after L.L. Bean (5 million followers) and Nordstrom (4 million followers). Top competitor Home Depot has 330,000 followers, a 10th of Lowe’s.

Lowe’s most popular boards on the site include groupings called “Get Organized,” “Bathroom Inspiration” and “Lowe’s Creators,” a collection of projects completed by popular bloggers. Lowe’s strategy on the site is to not push product heavily; instead, it creates boards around events and projects and general inspiration not directly related to home improvement, like “Oh, The Places We’d Go,” a board dedicated to photos of scenic destinations.

Sure Lowe’s has a big budget to produce nice videos, but you can do a lot with a low or no budget.

Just be creative. Orabrush showed us this years ago in capturing Wal-Mart’s attention.

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