Everyone Doesn’t Like Shopping Online. Best Buy Proves It.

best buy 500

You’d think that “everyone” likes shopping online – but that’s not the case. Best Buy’s successful sales show that there’s many people who are quite comfortable NOT buying online – in fact they’d prefer to go to a retail store and make a purchase.

AdAge reports that Best Buy’s store-within-a-store bet is starting to pay off. The world’s largest electronics chain posted its fourth-straight quarter of same-store sales gains thanks to higher demand for appliances, TVs and phones, and is preparing to offer top brands like Apple and Microsoft even more shelf space heading into the holiday season.

If you’re an “online only” strategy – you might want to consider serving customers who want to shop in a retail store or some other means. Online sales are “hot” but if you’re a retailer don’t neglect the “in store” experience and ensure you’re offering customers a great online and offline experience.

With the Holiday’s approaching ensure you’re retail store and marketing to DRIVE retail sales is as good as it can be.

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