Moleskin Updates Its Notebooks: New Look and More Functionality


Moleskin’s one of those company that no one really thinks about until you cross your legs and take notes at a company meeting. We love their simple notebooks and take notes in them all the time – right?

Well they’ve recently upgraded their line of notebooks to make it easier to be productive.

The centerpiece of the new Moleskine PRO Collection is a reboot of the classic Moleskine notebook with productivity hacks that will turn any fan into an efficiency whiz including:

  • Numbered pages correspond with a blank table of contents that can be updated as the notebook gets filled out
  • Sections on each page to fill in with date of meetings, people in attendance, meeting agenda, next steps, and in depth notes
  • Detachable to do lists
  • Adhesive tabs for identifying key sections of notebook
  • Adhesive Stick Notes in elegant colors to use for section tabs or leaving messages and reminders

I’ve got a stack of Moelskin notebooks from events – can’t wait to use them up to get a new set.


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