Seth Godin’s 7 Rules To Survive The “Ad Blocking” Movement


You know and I know that no one likes advertising. Sure, we anticipate the Super Bowl ads and some others like GEICO’s are pretty darn interesting. But overall advertising is an interruption.

The best marketing is when you identify your target customer, when they know what you sell and know it will help them and when they buy it. Pretty simple.

Seth Godin provides 7 rules in regard to how to “defeat” ad blocking software, read the full block post here.

  • The best marketing isn’t advertising, it’s a well-designed and remarkable product.
  • The best way to contact your users is by earning the privilege to contact them, over time.
  • Making products for your customers is far more efficient than finding customers for your products.
  • Horizontally spread ideas (person to person) are far more effective than top-down vertical advertising.
  • More data isn’t the point. Data to serve explicit promises is the point.
  • Commodity products can’t expect to easily build a profitable ‘brand’ with nothing but repetitive jingles and noise.
  • Media properties that celebrate their ads (like Vogue) will continue to thrive, because the best advertising is the advertising we would miss if it was gone.

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