Skype Was Offline. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Care and Still Trust Cloud Computing.


A few days ago, Microsoft’s Skype was offline, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. It’s a big deal – sort of. It’s more of an inconvenience – except for the few people who might have needed to Skype during the outage.

What’s the alternative to Skype or any other hosted (cloud) service? Creating your own service.

So think about it – Microsoft (or any other big company) can run your online systems, invest the funds to keep them up and running 99% of the time. OR you can do it yourself and try to do it on your own – with a 99% or more up time rate. It’s not easy.

Get my point? Big companies can better run the systems you need, in the cloud, better than you can do it yourself.

Sure it’s annoying when these systems go down. But most of the time, these systems are much better than you can do on your own.

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