Surprise: Apple Products Are Susceptible To Viruses and Malware

anti virus

There’s an old tale that Apple products don’t have viruses.

What is true is that Windows computers, because they were more popular, have been more virus prone.

Hackers, like all criminals go where the money is.

Of course Apple is now a dominant operating system (on computers and mobile devices) so hackers are definitely targeting it.

The New York Times writes, “So far about 40 apps with malicious code, or malware, have made it into the App Store, said researchers at Palo Alto Networks, an online security company that is investigating the incident. In a blog post, the security company said the breach could potentially affect hundreds of millions of users.”

What does this mean to you?

If you’re using Apple products – protect yourself. Ensure you have a good anti virus program and anti malware installed on it. But of course software alone wont’ work – be vigilant, use complex passwords, be smart.


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