Websites and CRM Go Hand in Hand Says Wix


CRM is a platform that every small business needs – no mater how small. Wix recently launched a CRM module for its popular web site building service.

I’ve built several Web sites on Wix and while Wix has for some time enabled you to capture contact information from your web site, Wix now lets you capture a variety of activities a user makes on your web site and store it into one central database. You can then communicate with your contacts based on the groups they’re in.

While Wix’s new CRM might not be as powerful as those from Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Hubspot or other “full featured” CRM platforms, it’s just enough (and more) for businesses who need to keep in touch with their contacts and take their web sites to the next level of customer interaction.

What you’re seeing is a consolidation of features. Web site developers like Wix are creating CRM and email marketing capabilities. Email marketing companies are providing web hosting and CRM. Ecommerce companies are providing better CRM and email marketing capabilities.

Wix features include:

  • Collect and manage contacts: Create and manage customer contact lists with contact information and activity data sourced through the owner’s site. Website owners are also able to upload, integrate and manage external contact lists. Wix’s data sharing API, WixHive, further enables users to capture a variety of actions taken by a user’s website visitors, such as contact information, messages, purchases, bookings, and more. The visitor data for each site is stored and managed in a centralized database dedicated to that site and can be accessed by installed apps, giving owners the ability to make business decisions, manage customer relationships, and take other actions based on the strength of the integrated data.
  • Send WixShoutOut e-mail campaigns: Create and distribute e-mail marketing campaigns and announcements to specified contacts or groups.
  • Automate communications using Smart Actions: Create and manage rule-based communications triggered by visitor activities including welcoming new subscribers, thanking customers after purchases, informing customers of special offers and more. MyAccount offers several pre-defined and customizable Smart Actions which users can choose from or can create their own.
  • Manage industry-specific products: Access and manage Wix’s verticalized solutions including WixStores, WixHotels and WixMusic. Through the MyAccount dashboard, website owners can track their sales, reservations and downloads, issue bills for payment, manage inventory and more.
  • Review site activity and alerts in Newsfeed: View real time updates of visitor activities as well as customized product information and articles tailored to each website owner’s business category.
  • Administer website and account settings: Manage premium subscriptions, domains and mailboxes, website apps, site settings and analytics, SEO wizard, site permissions and more.

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