Why Growing Companies Use Data Driven Sales To Boost Revenue

We think we know what sales is all about. Customers are interested in our product or service, we hound them until they buy. Of course some companies don’t do sales this annoyingly but some version of it.

However, growing companies are finding that by layering smart data onto their customer databases, they’re able to boost their sales success.

The WSJ writes: Some of these tools can seem creepy. Software from startups including ClearSlide alerts salespeople when a potential client reads a pitch email, so they can follow up just when the prospect may be most receptive. It also tells them whether a prospect lingered on the message once they’ve opened it, signaling substantial interest. 6Sense uses advertising technology software known as cookies to help customers identify the job titles and companies of the people who have visited their website.

Whether you’re using a tool like Infusionsoft, SalesForce, HubeSpot, Zoho or tons of others, it’s critical that you not just look at contact information. Try to layer your customer and prospect data with other information – to determine INTENT and psychographic information. Knowing that someone is male or female is good – but you also need to know how they THINK.

Use smart sales tools to make smart marketing decision and increase your revenue and profit.

Here’s a chart from the WSJ which illustrates this point:

data driven sales

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