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Selling Online Is Hot. Selling In China Is Hotter: PayPal Publishes Two Books To Help Small Biz Sell Internationally

  Selling internationally is challenging, but if you succeed there are so many benefits. PayPal is one vendor that has lots of experience selling online and resources to help small businesses do just that. Selling beyond your borders takes your ability to appreciate and understand another market, new cultures and customs. It’s also important to […]

What Happens When You Combine CRM with a Web Site? Web Site Selling Machine.

For most businesses, their CRM (customer relationship management) software and their web site are two different things. The CRM function is in one silo and the web site (metrics, analytics, etc) are in another silo. However, when you combine the two together – you get something pretty powerful. Ontraport has launched (or re-launched) their web site […]

Four Guidelines To Choose The Best Software For Your Business: No Software Can Help You 100%

As the CEO of a small business, there are a myriad of products for you to choose from when considering software solutions. What criteria do you use when trying to choose a new software platform or app? Will Reynolds, CEO of SecureDocs (virtual data room provider) offers these four guidelines: Quantify the Problem: When looking for software for […]

Small Business Fear Competition: But It’s Not Big Companies ShopKeep Survey Reveals

You might think that small businesses fear competition from business businesses. However a ShopKeep survey shows that’s not the case. Small businesses have a bigger concern for other competing small businesses, the economy and more. The Shopkeep survey reads: Despite these looming concerns, small business owners are historically a confident group, with the SSBI revealing that […]