Amazon, Etsy and the Power of Marketplaces. Boon For Your Small Business.


Etsy has help many artisans (craft makers) build their businesses. Some might be doing it full time and fully supporting themselves. Others might be doing it part time.

Overall, Etsy has given these artists a platform, a way to sell and conduct business and just like China town or other markets, a central place for the world of buyers to find hand made products and services for purchase.

The power of marketplaces is huge. as reported by the NY Times is now offering a marketplace just for artisans.

While I’m sure it’s a pain to Etsy, it’s a boon to the small business owners. They now have a second, big platform, to sell their products.

Some of the challenges that should be expected are managing multiple listings. I’m sure that over time, if not now, there will be software solutions, to “list once” and publish multiple times.


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