Are Web Sites Still Necessary? A Look at Wix’s New Web Site Building Tool.


There’s a rumbling in the world of “digital marketing” that maybe your business does not need a web site. Some of the rumbling is that you can just have a good Facebook page or a blog on Tumblr.NOT. Every business needs a web site. A good looking web site.

Sure, you can build a great online presence using social media – but at the very least, a simple web site should be one of the pillars (if not THE pillar) of your online presence.

A web site is a great place for people to know “about you”, how to “contact you”. and so much more.

For business owners who want to build a web site, they have 2 main options. They can pay someone to help them build a web site. A great option – but pricey. They can also use one of the many do it yourself web site building tools.

Wix is one of the best and has recently updated their web site editor. Overall the new editor is easier to use and gives “DIY” developers feature rich tools to build a modern web site. Some of the features include:


  • Full screen strip layouts – Containing multiple design elements such as video, image galleries, text and more, these horizontal strips help split up the page into clear sections, allowing for stylistic variation. True to Wix’s drag and drop technology, these strip containers can be edited and repositioned anywhere.
  • Full page video background – Users can upload their own videos or choose from Wix’s free video background library to easily set up an eye-catching video background for their websites. Unique to the Wix Editor, all video backgrounds, whether full page or on a strip, can be customized by layering any design element, such as pattern overlays and color palettes, included in the Editor.
  • Single click Parallax effect – A first for code-free platforms, users can now give their website an added layer of dimension by adding a parallax scrolling effect with just single click.
  • Anchor menus and docking elements – Essential but not exclusive to long scrolling websites, Wix users can effortlessly create a smooth website navigation experience by utilizing Wix’s new anchor menus and element docking feature.
  • Personalization and tailored features – Based on the users’ profile, the Wix Editor will suggest design and business elements from both the Editor and the Wix App Market to give users the guidance necessary to create the most effective possible sites.
  • Verticalized templates – Dedicated templates built with business in mind and utilizing new design capabilities allowing users to more readily input key features while maintaining pure a drag and drop interface.
  • Contextual in-Editor support – The New Wix Editor provides users with intelligent and curated support throughout the design process without ever having to leave the Editor.


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