Customer Reviews Are Important. Why Are Few Biz Doing It? Freshbooks Has A Solution.



Customer reviews are so important – to ask your customers “how am I doing”. Are we afraid of what our customers will say? Are we too lazy to ask customers and collect their feedback?

Freshbooks launched yet another tool in their tool kit – customer reviews.

The Freshbooks blog reads: The Customer Review Report allows you to spot trends in how your customers perceive your work. You can run a report for all your positive reviews and see what common things people think you’re doing really well, helping you understand and promote your strengths.

Alternatively, you could run a report to look at your less favorable reviews. This can help highlight if there is a certain type of client that has had less optimal experiences or if there are consistent opportunities for improvement that you could address. This could also help you pinpoint if there are additional services your clients are looking for that you could begin to offer.

What I like about the reviews feature is that after the customer completes a review you can prompt them to give you the name of someone else who might be in need of your service. Nice.

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