Is Twitter Turning Into A Landfill of Advertising, Noise and Junk


It’s great to see that ecommerce is growing on Twitter, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Twitter is going to make it easier, to “click” and buy through Twitter, like Amazon does. But keep in mind – Twitter is NOT Amazon. While Amazon is a destination for shopping and spending money – Twitter WAS designed as a place to socially share information.

My warning to YOU? Be careful how you use Twitter. While today it still is a great place to share information – in the coming months it might turn more and more into a blinking-clicking destination of annoying advertising and pushy content.

The WSJ writes – The company on Wednesday said it has joined with several e-commerce sites to make it easier for merchants of all sizes to sell their wares directly on the social-media service.

Local boutiques and big brands plugged into online commerce platforms Shopify Inc.,Bigcommerce Inc. and Demandware Inc. will be able to add a “buy button” to a tweet allowing users to click through to purchase a product.

Retailers can also turn regular tweets with a buy button into an ad. The buy button will only be available to U.S.-based merchants.

As Seth Godin has shared with us, many times – be sure to share useful content with your tribe, don’t SELL them – but share with them and endear them to you. Or as Gary Vaynerchuk writes in “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” – give MORE information and then a touch of a “sale” – that’s the winning combination.

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