Social Campaigns Drive Leads: Hootsuite Opens Its Campaigns for Free


Hootsuite is one of the leading apps for managing your social content. I use it to post, to follow social profiles, schedule posts and participate in Twitter chats.

Did you know that Hootsuite also lets you create campaigns as well. You can do a contest wherein people can provide their email address for the chance to win something. Create a campaign on Instagram and vote for the best entry. The possibilities are pretty darn endless.

Today Hootsuite is announcing that two of their campaigns are going to be free.

Sign-ups offer your fans a chance to register for newsletters, promotions, and exclusive offers, giving you an owl’s eye view of your fanbase. Understand where your super-fans live, both on Earth and on social, and identify your most passionate demographics.

Sweepstakes are the single most popular campaign built on our Enterprise platform, and we’re excited to be making them universally-accessible to Hootsuite users. Give fans a chance to win your product in exchange for as much information as you choose with our customizable form-fill, or raise the stakes by partnering with other businesses to offer the biggest prize you can and create some fandemonium. One of our Enterprise clients won 97,000 leads with one four-week sweepstakes campaign.

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