Tablet vs Notebook War No More: WSJ Says This Round Is Over and Microsoft Wins this Round


I’ve used a “PC” for all of my professional life. Never used a Mac. At times I’ve look enviously at them for their sleekness, durability and more. However, over the years thanks to Lenovo’s ThinkPad and Dell XPS line there’s been little reason to switch as these notebooks are indeed first in class.

Very recently, Microsoft has been making intense gains in the mobile world and released its Surface Pro 4. It’s a notebook computer, with a great keyboard – but that’s detachable to make it a notebook.

WSJ’s Joanna Stern writes –  For the most part, Microsoft’s new hardware succeeds at its main goal: It makes Windows 10 great, whether I’m leaping from app to app with a three-finger swipe, or smiling for the camera to log in without a password. The Windows Hello system recognizes my face, even right when I wake up, with glasses and a rat’s-nest hairdo. Take that, MacBook Air and your stupid long passwords!

Of course this tablet-notebook is not perfect – but it’s a darn good Windows machine and leading the way for what the blend of tablet and notebook should look like.

Overall, in my use of Microsoft Office365 and the Surface Pro 3 – these mobile tools enhance productivity for Windows users.


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