The Continued Evolution of Microsoft. Hardware, Software and Online Services.

Microsoft Hardware

There’s a lot we can learn from watching how large companies are able to adapt and stay relevant.

The NY Times reports on Microsoft coming out with a slew of new products including a new Surface.

Indeed while Office 16 and the new Windows 10 are important milestones for Microsoft, the growth of Microsoft’s hardware offerings is also important for Microsoft’s growth and for businesses as well.

NY Times writes – Of the new devices announced Tuesday, the Surface Book garnered the most attention because it plunges Microsoft deeper into making PC hardware. The company positioned the device, which starts at $1,499, as a more powerful competitor to Apple’s MacBook Pro.

I’ve been using the Surface for a few weeks now, as part of Microsoft’s Ambassador program and have been happy to see the product placements it’s had as well – in some of my favorite TV shows.

While I’ve used Google Docs quite a bit, I’ve also used Microsoft Office 365 for many projects. They are different in how they work and how they feel. However, if you’re looking for an online service, giving you the power of “Office” there’s nothing better than Office 365.

Overall, what this means for you is that Microsoft, the company you grew up with and whose softtware has powered many of the companies you’ve worked for or your own is still VERY relevant for the business community and small businesses overall.

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