The Freelance Economy Is Now Cool. But Will Tough Legislation Come?


Politicians are “now” getting hip to the “gig” economy – to the world that many small businesses know quite well. I’ve been using Elance (now WeWork) for years and have used Craig’s List on occasion. The freelance economy is not new and of course Uber has made it much more popular to be a “gig” worker.

While I think it’s great that more politicians are interested in the world outside of a “9 – 5” job and outside of owning a traditional small business – my hope is that our elected officials appreciate this economy and not seek to legislate it.

The NY Times reports that politicians are not just interested in Uber but also in other companies – such as Thumtak who bring together service providers and those seeking their services.

There’s a growing debate over when an employee is an employee vs a contract worker and I hope that this one very special aspect of the freelance (or gig) economy that politicians appreciate and don’t make it harder and harder to hire talented contract worker.

For companies just starting up – hiring smart professionals from any number of reputable talent marketplaces is a great idea. You can find designers, programmers, researchers, event staff, project managers and more.

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