What Happens When You Combine CRM with a Web Site? Web Site Selling Machine.


For most businesses, their CRM (customer relationship management) software and their web site are two different things. The CRM function is in one silo and the web site (metrics, analytics, etc) are in another silo. However, when you combine the two together – you get something pretty powerful.

Ontraport has launched (or re-launched) their web site building tool – Ontrapages.

Beyond the DIY web site capabilities, which so many services have, what I found most interested were these three features and benefits:

  • Create stunning web pages specifically designed to convert.
  • Pit multiple versions of your pages against each other to learn what your audience is into.
  • Tracking is automatic so you can analyze how your pages are performing.

“Today a web site needs to be more than just pretty brochure-ware,” said Landon Ray (founder of Ontraport). “In order to compete in a crowded online space, you’ve got to be able to implement widely known marketing best-practices, but none of the most popular web builders out there today offer those tools. Split testing capability, for example, or popup lead capture forms — which are proven to improve conversion rates by 30% or more — should now be considered the basics for a viable web presence. We’re now making them available to entrepreneurs on any budget.”

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