Close More Sales During the Holidays – Not Less. Pipedrive CRM Survey Says

A recently Pipedrive CRM survey says that sales people can expect to close sales at a rate 3.5%, higher, globally, during the Holiday’s than not. This means that instead of seeing the holiday’s as a time to SLOW down – it’s best to see them as a time to get more sales.

The Pipedrive survey reads, This is primarily due to the fact that companies are looking to spend their budgets before year end. Additionally, salespeople are more willing to cut deals in order to meet targets.

“November and December are the best months for your salespeople to work hard — even if you don’t own a retail business,” said Timo Rein, president and co-founder of Pipedrive. “Our data shows that if your salespeople hypothetically close five deals out of every 100 calls they make in a regular month, then they’ll close eight deals in November and December by simply showing up and doing the work. Now imagine if your salespeople work hard? In fact, the smart ones make a big push to add to their pipeline in prior months to ensure that there are lots of deals to close during the last two high-converting weeks.”

So instead of assuming you won’t get a sale during the holiday’s consider these things:

  • Reach out and connect with your customers outside of just selling them something.
  • Know the stage of the sales cycle your customer’s are in and know when to be in touch with them.
  • Instead of only doing a hard sell to your customers, continue to educate them on the value your product/service can bring to them and why they should buy from you.
  • Make sure you build a powerful referral system to have satisfied customers being raving ambassadors for you.



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