Endurance Buys Constant Contact: 5 Million Customers. Small Business Marketing Giant


I remember when Constant Contact was launched – it’s first name was Roving. It was launched by two amazing entrepreneurs.

Gail Goodman, president and co-founder of Constant Contact has been a leading force of growing for Constant Contact and has taken it from a small company to a global company helping small businesses generate awareness and sales and keep in touch with their customers and prospects.

Recently, web host, Endurance International Group, a combination of hosting companies and domain registrars, purchased Constant Contact. Endurance now has a fuller suite of digital marketing solutions for small businesses with 5 million customers.

What does this mean for Constant Contact customers? I doubt it means much.

Endurance executives are smart and they’ll probably take the time to learn from Constant Contact’s growth and ensure they can sell their existing customers email marketing services from Constant Contact. Furthermore, they’ll work to ensure Constant Contact customers can purchase web hosting and domains and other services from Endurance companies.

Ironically, many small business owners are still far behind in using online marketing to grow their businesses. Sure, many have a web site, many send out some version of an email newsletter – even some blog. However, the holistic and strategic marketing that is needed to drive new customers, nurture existing customers and raise brand awareness is lacking.

Many marketing solutions are not easy to use, there’s many low life scammers around who prey on small businesses, marketing is so much more than “sending a Tweet” or clicking “Boost post” on Facebook. Into this confusing soup is where many small businesses live.

It’s up to marketing vendors such as Endurance and Constant Contact to continue to genuinely educate their customers and the market overall – about the power of online marketing and how it can drive sales for their business.

3 thoughts on “Endurance Buys Constant Contact: 5 Million Customers. Small Business Marketing Giant

  1. Clicky at ClicknConnect Clubs

    UPDATE – WARNING / DANGER!! EIG company [Endurance International Group] bought Constant Contact SEE link below for the REAL REVIEWS FROM HELL about EIG – they have the WORSE reputation in the industry – second to NO ONE!


    (Who needs the NSA when all the gov’t & bankers needed to do was join forces and BUY up ALL the HOSTING COMPANIES, DOMAINS and EMAILS – CONSTANT CONTACT that already controls this information – WOW!!)

    EIG (Endurance International Group) is one of the WORSE GLOBAL Bank & Gov’t collusion TAKEOVER of PRIVATE BUSINESSES Hosting, Web Hosting, Domains, VPS Hosting & EMAILS – EVER!

    Especially NOW since EIG is a BANKER OWNED & GOV’T CONTROLLED/RUN “company/entity” and just bought/acquired: Constant Contact!!

    The bankers & gov’t – through EIG will NOW have FULL – unfiltered access to YOUR private emails, business NEGOTIATIONS & CONTRACTS through their Web Hosting, Hosting Domains and Constant Contact email source!!


    You’ll NEVER know what hit you!

    EVERY financial transaction handled through emails will be tracked – everything! (Including PayPal – Amazon!)

    Wonder what Trump TedCruz DonaldTrump would say about this TOTAL TAKEOVER!!


  2. Clicky at ClicknConnect Clubs

    Speaking from 13 years of experience with my hosting company, I can remember when the hosting company Fatcow USE to be a good company – BEFORE it was bought out by EIG (Endurance International Group) and turned into a banker owned / gov’t run conglomerate mess!

    There are TONS of HORROR STORIES about Endurance International Group – mine is just ONE among many!



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