Fiverr Goes Beyond $5 For Freelancers. Get’s $60 Million in Financing.

fiverr-logo-new-811d32e3fed0c305495fcda26a793128Today Fiverr announced that it received $60 Million in Funding. That’s good new. But what’s even more important is that with this funding Fivvr will enable the freelancers on its platform to charge their own rates – more than $5.

Their press release reads: Fiverr is also going beyond five dollars. For the first time, the company announced that all freelancers on the site will soon be free to set their own Gig® prices rather than be required to start them at $5.

Over the next several weeks, Fiverr will introduce easy-to-understand Gig Packages across several pricing tiers. This will dramatically simplify the way Fiverr sellers price and bundle services. The new Gig Packages will also help Fiverr sellers easily pocket more cash, create greater value for buyers, and make sellers nimble enough to attract SMBs, entrepreneurs and even corporate marketing departments.

The freelance (on demand) economy is great for those who want to create their own path – but it’s also awesome for business owners who need expert help in a variety of categories – design, marketing, data entry and more.

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