Marketing 101: Tips for Sticking to Your Marketing Budget

sticking to your marketing budgetMarketing is such a crucial aspect of business success. It can help spread your message via word of mouth, get customers excited about your product or service, and encourage new customers to walk through your doors. Knowing the potential of marketing, it can be easy to get carried away – overextending your time, energy and budget.

The key to a good marketing strategy is to have a solid plan in place and then stick to it. Easier said than done, so if you need some help on that, I’d like to point you in the direction of a new Intuit article by Ramon Ray, titled 7 Steps for Sticking to Your Marketing Budget.

The article offers tips on a variety of marketing aspects, including:

  • Planning
  • Strategizing
  • Finding Inexpensive Options
  • Measuring Your Outcomes
  • Considering ROI
  • And Much More

It will help you think wisely about your marketing strategy, so you can see real returns on the money and effort you put forward.

I’m not giving away any other spoilers today. To get the full scoop on how to stick to your marketing budget, check out the Intuit article here.

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Jennifer Peaslee

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