The Growth Of Team Collaboration Tools for Growing Companies: Canvas for Teams – New Software


There are dozens, if not more, of software products offering teams the ability to better collaborate, share and keep in touch with each other and what’s happening in the company. Jive Software and Microsoft’s Yammer are just two of these tools.

One new tool is Canvas for Teams by Icon.Me LLC

What is Canvas?

A: Canvas is a content hub and daily reader for companies and teams.

How is it different than so many other collaboration tools out there?

A: Collaboration tools are designed for group project management and messaging. Canvas is designed as a way for companies and teams to share and archive insightful articles, posts and links with one another.

Those who are not using tools like Canvas, what are they using? Email?

A: Today links are predominantly sent as an FYI via email or in a chat thread. Canvas places team articles and posts in to a “reader” format outside of email and the chat thread.

What’s wrong with email?

A: We are all suffering from email fatigue. Our inboxes are full with clutter and It’s hard to sort out what’s important vs spam or time sensitive vs to be read later. Furthermore it is difficult to go back and find content at a later date. Canvas delivers company and member posts in a reader format outside of the inbox. Team members are notified of posts via mobile alerts and email notifications so they can choose to view the content instantly or at their leisure. Canvas content may also be tagged for easy retrieving at a later date.

What does Canvas cost?

A: Canvas is free for the first 20 members. >20 is $1/member. Volume discounts are also applied for larger groups and companies.

Does it integrate with other tools and services?

A: Yes. The Canvas extension is integrated with Safari and Chrome browsers and our mobile apps are integrated with iOS and Android mobile devices. In addition to alerts being delivered via email and the Canvas mobile apps we are integrating Canvas with HipChat and Slack, with other collaboration software to follow.

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