Three Things Small Business Can Learn From Obama’s Digital Strategy


Photo Credit – NY Times

The White House has 20 staff members focused on maximizing social media – while most of their focus is on the “White House” overall, their main focus is on the President of the United States. We can learn a lot from the President’s digital strategy, as covered in the NY Times.

Here’s some lessons to learn:

Analytics –  It’s important to track the results of your social media strategy. To see what articles are popular, which ones are not. Which ones are trending, which themes your audience once. You can use social analytics to know WHO your audience is and what they want.

Speed – Use social media to react quickly, yet thoughtfully on subjects that align with your business. Tweet about what’s happening “today”. Speed and relevancy will ensure your social communication is a must have by your audience.

The NY Times writes, “The goal is to bring a sense of spontaneity and accessibility to one of the world’s most choreographed and constricted positions.”

Authenticity – It’s important to use your own voice and be authentic. Don’t try to be like someone else – but like yourself.

Sure President Obama is “the President” and has a huge megaphone and voice. You don’t. However you can use the principals of the White House to build your own voice and your own following.

Do you ever watch “West Wing Week” – a weekly show of the inside of the White House and what’s happening with the President. It’s no different than the #AskGaryVee show – which digital celebrity entrepreneur does each week to build his tribe and his brand. You can do this too.

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