When Should You Buy A Smartwatch? There’s Only One Reason.



TAG Heur recently released a Google powered and iOS compatible smartwatch – it’s $1,500. Of course smartwatches by Apple, Samsung, Pebble, and other vendors are cheaper. I’ve been exploring buying a smartwatch and here’s the one reason I would.

If I wanted the convenience of getting “phone” notifications on my wrist, instead of taking my phone out of my pocket – then I’d get a smartwatch. Is it a NEED? No. Is it a pretty good convenience for digital natives – sure thing.

Beyond that one main reason – if you are looking for an accessory that can leverage bio-metric apps – there’s a second reason. Imagine not having to wear two devices – a watch and a “fitbit” type device on your wrist. But one device that can help measure how much you’ve walked and etc. There’s another reason.

The other problem I have with a smartwatch is that I love my big faced, manly, silver, Fossil watch. Giving this up would be hard.

Gadgets 360 gives you this reason to NOT get a smartwatch:

To some extent, I have to agree. Smartwatches are simply adding another device to the list of things you have to remember to plug in before going to bed every night. And of course, it’s an additional expenditure on a product that will last as long as your smartphone, and we all know how long smartphones last. Are we trying to turn a potentially simple and life-long purchase into just another disposable gadget?

Wareable has a great round up of watches – if you’re interested.


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