4 Reasons Why Chipotle Will Rebound and What Your Business Can Learn


Chipotle is going through a health issue and a publicity nightmare with many of its stores, across several states, having E.coli and resulting in 50 customers being sick. Read more about this here.

As an ardent Chipotle customer – here’s two reasons why Chipotle will weather through this.

  1. Their corporate culture is one of honesty and openness. Their CEO said, “we won’t raise prises to cover the cost of fixing this” (my paraphrase). With an attitude and culture like this, their DNA is on the right foot.
  2. Their food tastes darn good.
  3. Their staff are amazingly friendly
  4. Overall the company is built on healthy and great tasting food.

Mistakes happen and this is indeed a BIG mistake. However, Chipotle is working hard to fix it, owning it and this will pass and Chipotle will rebound. You watch.

What does this mean for your business?

Mistakes in your business WILL happen. However, if you’ve done the hard work to ensure that you’re being kind to your customers and delivering over the top service – when mistakes happen – your customers will be more forgiving.

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