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perfect banner

Advertising online is a crap shoot. Most online advertising click-through rates are at around 1% or less – that’s very low and that does not even take into account the purchase or what happens AFTER the click through rates.

I was recently introduced to – a simple but neat service – which lets’ you build banner advertisements and then create various elements to test – such as headline, images and etc. then tests a variety of banner formats and gives you a ranking of how they performed.

This process is called A/B testing – something that many online marketers don’t do – but all the smart ones do.

John Valin, co-founder of the company writes says that they can guarantee a minimum +10% improvement but typical results are significantly higher.

The PerfecdtBanner algorithm becomes stronger over time as it feeds on data from every time your banner is seen. Night and day your banner grows into a high-converting marvel of scientific optimization, reaching customers that a manually guessed banner never would.

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