Pipedrive CRM: Review of Sales Software for Sales Focused Professionals

Pipedrive CRM Review

Pipedrive CRM is built from the ground up to assist sales professionals with managing their sales pipeline.

I interviewed Pipedrive CEO  Steve Oriola here on why CRM is important for growing businesses and about why sales professionals and business owners should consider Pipedrive.

In this review I dive into Pipedrive and show you how it can be a solution for your business. Watch the review below or here.

Pipedrive CRM Review – (Transcript of Video)

Every small business needs CRM, customer relationship management.  CRM is a powerful platform that helps you understand what your customers have bought and what they are going to buy. CRM software like Pipedrive helps you develop a closer relationship with your customers by understanding who they are, what they need and where they fit into the sales cycle.

And when I say customers, this means customers who have already bought from you or your prospective customers who are on the journey to buy from you. Or maybe just leads who are within a good target for what you’re selling.

I’m advocating for sure that every small business needs a customer relationship management or CRM product.

I’m Ramon Ray with Smart Hustle Magazine and Small Business Technology and this is a review of Pipedrive.

Pipedrive is a very simple and cost-effective — at $12 per month — CRM program built from the ground up for salespeople.

What I like about Pipedrive is that it has a very simple drag-and-drop interface to move contacts or prospects from one part of the sales cycle to another part of the sales cycle. It’s very simple, just take your mouse and drag and drop as they go along to the sales cycle.

And the final step of course of that sales cycle is that it’s a won deal or a lost deal. In Pipedrive, if it’s a won deal that means you can move them onto another cycle to have more action done. Or if it’s lost, you can set them up as another deal within Pipedrive so you can contact them in the future.

Either way, Pipedrive is a great tool and one of the benefits of Pipedrive is to be able to drag and drop people from one part of the sales cycle to another part of the sales cycle.   Once they become a customer, you can set up another sequence or campaign to do another action on them.

Another aspect of Pipedrive that is pretty cool is the statistics. Pipedrive has a number of statistics and dashboards that give you a nice visual interface into the deals and sales that are happening in your company.

For the sales manager, Pipedrive gives you a top down overview of what’s going on with your company’s sales and what’s happening with your sales team.

For the individual sales rep, you can see a day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute, second-by-second basis on what’s happening in your deal flow and pipeline.


The day-to-day activities that a salesperson does is the life-blood of the business — the calls they make, the meetings they have, the thank you notes they send. And Pipedrive knows this and does this very well.

This quick snapshot above within Pipedrive shows you all of the activities that you need to do or have done on a certain day or time period. This is very important for salespeople who want to close deals.

Live Dashboard

Pipedrive has a real simple interface that requires no training and is quick to set up. If you look at the top of Pipedrive, it’s organized into six logical functions: deals, mail, activities, contacts, products and statistics.

These six areas of Pipedrive are logically arranged so that the salesperson or the salesperson’s manager can click here, click there, click to where they need to go in Pipedrive.

The deals process might be one of the most used areas of Pipedrive. That’s where you can see the deals that are happening within your sales cycle. Who’s won, who’s lost, who’s a prospect, who’s a customer, who’s hot, who’s not, how close they are to buying from you. That’s the deals section of Pipedrive.

Some other areas of Pipedrive that are very interesting are the mail and activities sections. The mail section is a synchronization for your gmail or outlook users so you can look within Pipedrive to see who you’ve emailed or who has emailed you. Very efficient and very important.

The activities section is also right there at the very top. You can click the activities section and can see what activities you’ve done or what activities you need to do. Phone calls you need to make, thank you cards you need to send, lunches you need to plan. Whatever activity you need to do, it’s right there.


Contacts are a real important part of Pipedrive. It contains the phone numbers, addresses and other information you need. The contacts can contain information on individuals or companies.

Two more things about Pipedrive that are very interesting and useful.

One is the products section. You can enter into Pipedrive the products or services that your company is selling so that your sales team has a uniform way to price and sell products.


The other aspect of Pipedrive that is really good is the statistics. Pipedrive is filled with graphics and charts so that the individual salesperson or sales manager can quickly see at a glance what’s happening. There’s live stats that remind you of a NASDAQ or Wall Street-like dashboard of what’s happening within the company.


As I said, Pipedrive overall is an amazing, simple CRM tool for any salesperson. At $12 a month, it’s very economical and well within the range of any salesperson or their company.

You can organize your contacts, get quick sales forecasts and overall begin to sell, make deals or show deals that are lost. And hey, deals that are lost, are they really lost?  Or is it more of an opportunity to move to the next sale to find someone who is a better fit for you.

Overall Pipedrive is built from the ground up for the salesperson and the sales manager.

Pipedrive is definitely a CRM tool that every small business that wants to drive sales should look at.

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