Electronic Prescriptions: Some Doctors Are Angry. But They Should See The Opportunities.

Photo credit - Christian Hansen for The New York Times

Photo credit – Christian Hansen for The New York Times

Starting this month, in New York State, doctor’s writing patient prescriptions must do so electronically. Sure, there are downsides to using electronic prescriptions – but my guess is that it will only evolve and get better, as reported by the New York Times.

It’s “forced upgrades” like that that doctors and small business owners can see as opportunities to upgrade their overall business operations and make things better.

Upgrading technology enables you to

  • Offer better services to your customers
  • Improve your collaboration and communication
  • Boost productivity

No one wants to be forced to do anything, but sometimes, a forced change is good for us and if we trust the process (as Marcus Lemonis talks about in CNBC The Profit) it might do us good.


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  • Paul Bartomioli

    Interesting example. Based upon my LIMITED experience here in CT, as a patient, it is not even in Beta. My doctor has the technology, but it apparently functions about 10% of the time. I have family in New York, and let’s just say the results and the technology are less than stellar. Of course, there is no alternative; the electronic prescriptions must be used. Hacking anyone?

    This example is actually an EXCELLENT example of the Jackboot of Government Force, subsection Obamacare, ACA, whatever you want to call it. The technology is evolving, and since we are required under penalty of law to comply, they can make the rules as they see fit.

    Perhaps in a more market driven US, this could have been developed and refined before releasing it to the mass market. But then, you get the government you want, and personal avarice of the ruling class takes over.

    Have you asked Marcus Lemonis his opinion on your equating capitalism with this abomination?

    • http://www.smarthustle.com Ramon Ray

      Hey Paul – thank you!